M Square Catering was founded in 2000 and serves the greater Chicago area. With more than 30 years of experience in highest quality Japanese food service industry and a life-long passion for great food, our Owner and Executive Chef, Tom Osaki, continues to bring the best quality sushi and Japanese cuisine to the people of Chicago.

With a focus and dedication in catering business, M Square Catering’s services are offered in various forms, in any type of occasions and locations. The quality of products and services we offer was fostered with traditions and long year of experience. The menu is carefully selected and customized to suit every individual client whose “visions” may be unique. 

M Square Catering is owner operated, and is based in the strong values of Chef Osaki. Chef Osaki strives to pursue the ultimate in food service, providing “authentic taste” and “on-time” service to our clients. These values are also preserved in each of our excellent staff, and for this reason we have received praise and loyalty from all of our clients. We guarantee that we will be able to provide any client with the most memorable moment with complete satisfaction.